• The Wall of Silence, by Rosemary Gibson and Janardan Prasad Singh, 2003.

    This book tells the stories of a number of patients who have been the victims of medical errors and examines why these errors happen in the U.S. healthcare system.

  • The Medical Malpractice Myth, by Tom Baker, 2005.

    If you have ever heard that “frivolous lawsuits” are to blame for the sad state of the U.S. healthcare system, please read this book. This deeply researched book shows that we do not have a medical malpractice litigation crisis, we have a medical malpractice crisis. You can read an excerpt here.

  • Unaccountable, by Marty Makary, 2012.

    The author is an oncology surgeon and patient safety researcher at Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine. This book describes the lack of transparency and accountability within the U.S. hospital system, and his hope that a new generation of doctors can change this culture. I review the book in this post.

  • The Patient’s Checklist, by Elizabeth Bailey, 2012.

    The goal of this book is to help keep you organized and safe. It is organized as ten checklists of things you should do before, during, and after a hospital stay.



Academic papers

  • Mastroianni AC, Mello MM, Sommer S, Hardy M, Gallagher TH. The flaws in state “apology” and “disclosure” laws dilute their intended impact on malpractice suits. Health Affaird (Millwood). 2010; 29(9):1611-9. (view abstract in PubMed)

    This paper analyzed existing state disclosure and apology laws and provides best-practice recommendations. Much of my family’s bill is based on these recommendations.

Information about filing complaints

If you have concerns about the quality or safety of healthcare you have received, there is a list of oversight agencies that receive complaints at the end of this blog post.