Petition to ask Kansas hospitals to address patient safety incidents

There is a petition on that is similar to my family’s efforts. This petition asks Kansas hospitals to investigate patient safety incidents. It was posted by Tim Graber of Moundridge, KS. He is asking that Kansas hospitals embrace “The Seven Pillars” approach to investigating and learning from patient safety incidents. The author of this approach is Timothy McDonald, MD, JD, Chief Safety and Risk Officer at the University of Illinois Medical Center. You can read more about the Seven Pillars process in this PDF.

The Seven Pillars are very much in line with my family’s push for mandatory disclosure of unanticipated outcomes and harmful medical errors. I have signed the petition, and I urge you to do the same.

Like most advocates for patient safety and patient rights, Mr. Graber has a personal story behind his efforts. His wife, Suone Graber, was in the Newton Medical Center for repair of a broken hip resulting from a fall in her home. The surgery to repair that fracture went well, but she fell several days later in her hospital room while unattended. This left her in severe pain. She was sent home the next day despite this pain. She was soon readmitted to another hospital and spent eight weeks there for treatment of a cracked pelvis. Mr. Graber’s efforts to discuss this incident with the hospital were not successful.

The petition is addressed to Dr. Steven G. Kelly, the CEO of Newton Medical Center and Chairperson-elect of the Kansas Hospital Association.


Thoughtful comments are always welcomed.

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