The Kansas organizations that should have opinions are…

I spent all day looking through the previous Kansas apology bills, notes on those bills, and committee meeting notes that mention which organizations supported or opposed the bills. I compiled the history of the bills and a list of the organizations that provided testimony here.

My purpose was to figure out what organizations are likely to have an opinion on my family’s bill. Our bill provides more protection for apologies than any of the previous bills, but it also requires the disclosure of unanticipated outcomes and medical errors.

In an effort to begin a dialogue before we present testimony to the committee early next year, I am contacting each of those organizations. I have set up a page on which they can explain their viewpoints.

Our bill is quite a bit more complex then the previous apology bills, and I am sure there will be much to discuss. (I already see two small changes that need to be made: the date for implementing disclosure policies needs to be moved back a year to July 1, 2015, and the $10,000 fine per non-disclosed incident needs to be pegged to the Consumer Price Index.)

My family feels that our bill is very balanced in supporting the needs of both patients and healthcare providers. You can read the justification for the bill here.


Thoughtful comments are always welcomed.

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