Kickstarter project, Breaking the Wall of Silence

I just learned about a project listed on KickStarter to create a documentary film. The film will be about medical errors and the journey of a hospital system in the Baltimore/Washington DC area to shift from a culture of silence to a culture of transparency.

Take a few minutes to watch a video on their Kickstarter page about medical errors and the project.

A couple quotes from the video…

“We have made a decision as a society that we would, in effect, hand over a lot of money and hand over our safety and our lives to this profession of medicine. And it’s been based on the assumption that we would be cared for. And I think that what patients need to understand is that that covenant has been broken. And that even if in fact their physician wants to do the right thing, and is trying to do his or her best, they’re working within a really broken system.” — Shannon Brownlee, Medical Journalist

“What has been amazing to me, every story I have ever done that’s an investigative story related to healthcare and related to patient harm, the medical community has already known it. Because they see what happens. They clean up each other’s surgeries. The patients have almost no information.” — Marshall Allen, Reporter for ProPublica

KickStarter is a site where people and organizations gather funding for projects, and the projects proceed only if funding goals are met. I want this film to be made, so I have made a pledge.


Thoughtful comments are always welcomed.

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