Welcome to my blog

Thanks for coming to this blog. It will be a place where I will let you know what is happening with the proposed legislation that my family has written for the 2013 Kansas legislative session, and a place where I will share my thoughts about disclosure of medical errors. I also hope that it is a place where we can have thoughtful discussions about medical errors, their disclosure, and how our healthcare system can improve so that fewer patients experience errors.

The story of what happened to my father is explained on the bottom of the “About” page. But this site is not about my father. It is about what my family has gone through since my father’s death. In the coming months I will be sharing with you thoughts about medical error disclosure, as well as highlighting some work by researchers and healthcare institutions on the topic of medical errors.


One thought on “Welcome to my blog

  1. How can I talk to you? There are so so many families across the U.S. who want to share their stories and most of all their experience afterwards, who want the truth about hospitals errors and how there dealt with, the patterns., exposed. Who’s really responsible and how it’s done and by who. Transparency shouldn’t be asked for it should be demanded of!!

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